Anti Scald Mixing Valves and your Hot Water Heater

Finding yourself without hot water when you take a shower is annoying, finding yourself with scalding hot water in the shower is dangerous. Don't let uncontrolled hot water in your pipes harm you or your loved ones.

The vast majority of accidents, causing burns, happen in the home. Preventing them isn't that difficult and the anti-scald act of 2004 enacts the very thing we can do to prevent burns caused by hot water. Effective September 1, 2004, the Ontario government changed the Ontario building code when it introduced requirements that have all installed hot water heaters include mixing valves.

Most temperature regulators are located at the bottom of your hot water heater and adjusting it is easy. What temperature is a safe temperature? A temperature of 60 degrees Celsius is required to prevent bacteria growth. However, this temperature can also cause severe burns. At 66 degree celsius, a second-degree burn will occur in two seconds. The government endeavored to find a solution to this problem.

Anti-Scald Mixing Valve

The anti-scald mixing valve was born. These valves deliver the water through the tap at 49-degree celsius by mixing the hot and cold water before it reaches us. If you have small children in the house, this lower temperature is ideal. Most scalding accidents happen to children. If your home has no "at risk" residents, you might consider a hotter temperature, making that shower nice and hot. You may also consider piping pure hot water to the dishwasher or washing machine, taking advantage of the cleaning properties that only hot water can deliver.

If your hot water heater is older than 2004 and hasn't been equipped with a blending device, consider having one retrofitted. If you are replacing an old hot water heater, ensure that the new one meets the new regulations. All professional plumbers are required by law to install these valves along with all new hot water heater installs. Anti-scald mixing valves can also be installed on faucets and taps, or purchased with the control already included. This option is obviously the more expensive one. It's a great option for a kids bathroom, though.

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