Plumbing System Installation Done Right

Installing plumbing systems is a major undertaking, and ensuring it’s done right the first time is well worth the investment. For years, Taylor’s Plumbing has been installing plumbing systems right - the first time. Our prompt, professional service allows you to get back to your everyday as fast as possible. A plumbing system includes water supply distribution pipes, fixture and fixture traps, waste and vent pipes, drain and building sewers, storm water drainage, and all of the connections and devices that keep these elements functioning properly.

Plumbing Systems Start With Quality Materials

Contemporary plumbing systems are made up of durable ABS plastic, copper, and/or flexible cross-linked polyethylene called PEX. Installed properly, and barring any renovation or weather related disasters, these materials will lead to leak free plumbing for years to come. A plumbing system is made up of feet upon feet of pipes that are connected through handcrafted joints. An improperly made joint, or incorrectly sloped drain can lead to costly leaks and inconvenient clogs.

Abiding By Plumbing Codes

Every plumbing system installation done by Taylor’s Plumbing adheres to strict plumbing codes and rules. These rules are in place to protect not only the current homeowner, but also future homeowners! Plumbing systems that are “up to code” will be leak free, quiet, and efficient. The sanitary drainage and vent piping system are a crucial part of any plumbing system. The sanitary drainage pipe do the important job of removing water-borne waste. A properly installed plumbing system should last as long as the home itself. That said, we make sure that every plumbing system we install is easily accessible and requires as little renovating as possible to maintain.

Water Conservation and Shutoff Valves

Before water conservation became a concern, many plumbing systems did not have measures in place that limited the flow of water. Contemporary plumbing systems use dams, flow restrictors and aerator devices to make less water feel like more. Similarly, Taylor’s Plumbing installs individual shutoff valves on every fixture. In case of a water related emergency you can quickly and easily turn off water to a specific area without cutting water to your entire home. Once we have finished your plumbing installation, we will take you on a tour of your home and show you where each shutoff valve is and exactly how it works!

Burlington’s Expert Plumbing Installation

Since 1986, Taylor’s Plumbing has been installing plumbing systems in residential and commercial properties across Burlington and the surrounding area. We are proud of the reputation we have earned for a high level of expertise in the field, and we work hard to maintain it. We understand that installing a new plumbing system is an expensive endeavor, so we work quickly, efficiently, and professionally to make sure you’ll only have to do it once.

To schedule your plumbing system installation with Taylor’s Plumbing in the Burlington area, or find out more details on the process call us today at 905-633-6810, or visit our contact page.