Plumbing Problems


As a homeowner you strive to maintain your home so that you can live worry-free. Weekly house-cleaning, grocery shopping and paying your bills are just part of your normal routine. In the spring you plant gardens and cut grass. In the fall and winter you rake leaves and shovel snow. But what about the inner workings of your home? Have you ever considered that dripping faucet might be telling you something?

It’s true! Often times we ignore or fail to see small warning signs that will tell you it’s time to have a professional plumber inspection of your home's plumbing. What are these warning signs?

At the Tap

If you come home to discover you have no running water or that suddenly the water pressure is very low this could be an indicator of a few different problems.  The main water valve may be turned off or partly turned off. Or you might have a burst pipe or galvanized pipes. Burst pipes might be hidden behind the walls and if they go unnoticed they can cause extensive damage to your home. Over years, zinc will erode from galvanized pipes and this corrosion can build up over time causing lowered water pressure. Galvanized pipes may also cause your water to become rusty. If your tap drips, it could indicate that you need to replace the washers. If you have a lot of trouble turning off your taps you may need to replace the spindle or perhaps it is poorly greased or pitted.

Listen to your Lawn

Your lawn can also indicate warning signs to you that there may be problems with your plumbing. If you notice pools of water on your lawn it could be an indicator that you may have a sewage leak. It could also indicate that you have poor drainage or underground water. Spots on your lawn that are greener than the rest of the lawn can also indicate poor drainage and underground water.

Your Toilet May be Speaking to You

Does your toilet gurgle? This could indicate a possible partial blockage in your plumbing system. If your toilet runs constantly it could be telling you that it needs a new float or washers.

Higher than normal Water or Gas Bills

Has your gas or water bill increased suddenly? Unless you have recently invited a small family to move in with you this may be an indicator of some plumbing problems. The problem could be a hidden leak or possibly faucets or toilets that run continuously. Schedule an appointment with your plumbing professional at Taylor’s plumbing to avoid future increases in your utility bills.

Basement Puddles

Have you noticed water flowing up from your floor drain? This is an issue that should be dealt with quickly as it could mean you have a blockage in the drain. Blockages can result from a variety of causes and should be attended to by your professional plumber.

Damp Areas on Walls or Blistering Paint

In a horror movie these things could mean you have a poltergeist. In reality, damp walls or blistering paint can indicate one of several things; that you have a possible plumbing leak, gutter or roofing problem or bad tile grout. This type of problem, if not attended to quickly, can lead to expensive repairs so it’s important to contact your plumber right away if you see these warning signs.