Replace Rubber Washing Machine Hoses With Stainless Steel

One of the most common causes of major water damage in homes is a burst washing machine hose. In the course of our work in most homes, we find that rubber hoses are connected to the washing machines. It can be a harrowing experience to come home to a basement or laundry area flooded with water from a burst rubber washing machine hose. It's why we often recommend to our clients that it's best to replace these with stainless steel hoses.

Why do rubber hoses burst?

There is a distinct reason why rubber hoses connected to washing machines have a tendency to burst. During a wash cycle, every time the water in the machine gets shut-off, it sends a shock wave through the connected water pipes- it’s one of the causes of water hammer. This problem is typically addressed by installing an effective hammer arrestor right at the valve.

This protects the pipes located downstream from that valve; however it doesn’t provide any water hammer protection to the rubber hoses that lie between the washing machine and the valve. Over time, rubber hoses tend to become less pliable; and after having to deal with water hammer for a number of years, the hose eventually fails. Here are some pointers that will help prevent sudden bursting of washing machine hoses:

  • When not in use, simply turn-off the water supply - This is something washing machine manufacturers mention in their installation manuals, but hardly anyone actually follows this.
  • Replace the old rubber hoses on a regular basis - It’s a good idea to replace washing machine hoses every 5 years. Since that can be a little difficult to remember, replacing the hoses every leap year may provide a better way of remembering.
  • Emergency shut-off kit installation - These battery-powered devices have a water sensor. When the sensor detects a water leak, the water supply valve is automatically closed. Installation of these kits is quick and easy and it’s a good way of preventing a catastrophic leak.
  • Replace rubber hoses with braided stainless steel hoses - Stainles steel hoses are stronger, fairly inexpensive, and more resistant to bursting. There are many options out there. One you may want to investigate is Floodsafe®. This hose is supposed to entirely shut-off the water supply to the washing machine, in case a hose bursts.

Hose replacement process

When it comes to plumbing emergencies, we at Taylor’s Plumbing believe that prevention is better than cure. At times, the complexities involved in replacing plumbing installations and fixtures becomes a deterrent for people and they defer attending to these things.

However, this shouldn’t pose a problem with reference to replacing rubber hoses with braided stainless steel ones. The installation is as simple as connecting a garden hose to any faucet. You just have to use a wrench to loosen the older hose, hand-tighten the new hose and then give it an extra ¼ turn using a wrench. For more information or any plumbing services, call Taylor’s Plumbing today.