Top Plumbing Questions

For many homeowners, the plumbing system can be a confusing operation that requires the knowledgeable advice of a professionally licensed plumber. As with any contractor performing services in your home, asking the right questions will make your life a lot easier and get the help that you require. Even if you are a relatively knowledgeable of how a plumbing system works, it’s better to ask questions beforehand so that a catastrophe doesn’t occur leaving you with a costly remediation.

Questions vary widely for plumbers. Topics can range from what not to put down your garbage disposal, how to get a snake down a tub drain or how to turn the water off in the bathroom when your toilet is overflowing.

However, the questions plumbers encounter most often are related to their professional standing, whether they are licensed and insured, the cost of services, and warranty of work performed.

Here is a sampling of questions relating to what a plumber might be asked by the average consumer in need of their services.

  1. Are you a licensed plumber?

This is one of the top questions received by plumbers. Anyone can present themselves as offering plumbing services online. However, it’s important to remember that only licensed plumbers are qualified to do the work that you require.

  1. Do you have insurance coverage?

Most homeowners ask this question to be assured that they are protected from any potential mishaps during the project. When a plumber is insured and bonded, the homeowner is covered for any damages that might inadvertently be caused by the plumber or his employees. An insured plumber also pays medical expenses for anyone who is hurt while working on the job.

  1. How much do you charge per hour?

This is another most often asked question by potential customers. Costs per hour should be discussed up front so that there are no surprises down the road. Charges can vary from contractor to contractor, so you want to do your homework on fees before the work begins.

  1. Do you have parts on your service truck and/or charge extra if a part has to be ordered?

Most reputable plumbing companies carry an array of basic parts on their service trucks and can complete the work required in one visit. However, when a part is required that they do not carry, it must be ordered. Most of the time there is no additional charge incurred for ordering a part; however, there will be more labor hours when the part comes in and the work is completed.

  1. Do you bill extra for travel time?

This is often a tricky question because much of it relates to the distance of the location being serviced and the price of gas to cover the travel time. If you have chosen a local plumber, there is seldom a charge for travel time, but if you have gone outside of your particular area for specialized services, travel time may be an additional fee.

  1. Does your company have a website?

For most people who live in the digital age, a company website is a must have these days. For homeowners, these sites will offer helpful tips, videos, and information about the company, their services and client testimonials that promote their high-quality workmanship. Websites are a resource of information, and most reputable plumbers will be participants in this type of advertising to promote their company, costs, and services.