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    Have you ever considered installing a basement flood alarm? Protect your house or basement from expensive water leaks or flooding. Get a water level sensor or basement flood alarm that can monitor for leaks, water liquid level, or high water for use with basement sump pumps.

    Sump pumps are perfect for removing pooling water, and a backup battery and pump system help create peace of mind. Even with a backup pump and battery system, failures happen.

    It’s the water sensor and alarm system that act as your last line of defense; alerting you before disaster strikes. There are four different options of water alarms; the standard alarm, the phone dialer (or auto-dialer) alarm, the wi-fi enabled alarm, and the cellular sump pump alarm.

    It does matter what alarm you choose. You’ll want a water alarm that:

    • alerts you no matter where you are, because leaks and floods can happen any time of day or night.
    • sends messages when the power goes, as power is regularly knocked out during a storm.
    • sends notifications direct to your mobile device, so you can take immediate action to prevent a flood.

    Call the plumbing professionals at Taylor’s Plumbing for the best advice on a basement flood alarm. We will help you assess your situation and your unique needs and help you decide on the type of alarm best suited to your situation.