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    Does the water from your bath drain slowly or not at all? Does your kitchen sink gurgle when you drain it? These are warning signs that you may have a clog in an interior drain system in your home. Clogged drains can be worrisome and a nuisance. Left untreated, the clog will get worse to the point where nothing will drain and you are left with a sink of dirty water.

    If slow or no draining from the sink is your problem then fat, lard and grease are most likely the culprits. Hot greases poured down your drain adhere to the inside of the pipe causing blockage. While running hot water down the drain may appear to fix the clog, further along the line it cools and over time the grease will solidify and plug up your entire pipe, leaving you with a plumbing disaster on your hands. It is the best household practice to dispose of your grease in a jar or other container. Signs of a grease clogged plugged drain include slow water drainage, a gurgling noise when draining, and bad odour.

    In bathrooms, the greatest source of plugged drains is hair accumulation and foreign objects. Don’t wait; call the experienced and licensed professionals at Taylor’s Plumbing.

    We will provide you with fast and efficient service to fix your clogged drains and get you back into worry free living. We will clear clogs from your bathtub, toilet and sinks. One call and leave the mess to us. Why wait? Call us now for quick and effective service for your drains and plumbing.