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    The inspection and repair services at Taylor’s Plumbing are number one in quality and customer service. Based in Waterdown, our services are available to Burlington, Oakville and the greater Hamilton and surrounding areas.

    It is important to have your plumbing systems regularly inspected by our professionals thereby ruling out any possible problems before they occur. This kind of proactive approach will help avoid costly situations in the future and will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that your plumbing systems are in good working condition.

    We employ cutting edge technology to inspect your plumbing systems and quickly diagnose any potential problems. Our trouble-shooting services will efficiently find the problems and effectively solve them for you. Our services are provided by experience, licensed and insured plumbers. Once you have booked your appointment we will come to your home and quickly and efficiently inspect and diagnose your home’s plumbing system. We will recommend repairs that need to be addressed and we will explain to you the why’s and how’s.

    Got a leak? We will quickly find and repair the problem so that you can go back to living worry free. Our professionals provide the best customer service in plumbing service and repair. Call us today to book your appointment.