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    At Taylor’s Plumbing we carry only the best ecologically safe drain and sewer cleaning products. We use these products in our service calls and we recommend these products to our clients. Using ecologically safe products ensures that you are not harming the environment. In addition, these products are safe to use on all types of plumbing and won’t harm pipes.

    The chemicals that are usually included as active ingredients in the drain cleaners that are not ecologically safe are all poisonous and corrosive. Among the most common are sulfuric acid and lye which are very corrosive. Even the fumes coming from them have the potential of harming people, animals and nature. Even the PVC pipes that compose drain systems are degraded by such chemicals, compounding the problems caused by them. Hence, you too should make use of drain cleaning methods that will clear your pipes naturally, cheaply and in an environmentally friendly manner.

    To prevent your drain pipe from being closed off by clogs, give it a drink about every 1 or 2 weeks. Do this by heating up about a gallon of water until it boils. Pour the boiling water down your drain in small amounts with a few minutes interval. This will effectively prevent debris such as hair and grease from building up inside the drain pipe and causing a clog.

    We are ecologically responsible at Taylor’s Plumbing. It’s important to us and we hope it is important to you too. Talk to our service specialists today about the BIO-CLEAN products we use.