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    Healthy drinking water is important to everyone these days. But sometimes our drinking water contains chemicals that our city systems don’t treat. What to do? Call the experts at Taylor’s Plumbing!

    We have chemical removal systems that we can install in your home for you. These systems will clean and remove chemicals that your city’s systems don’t treat. The end result is cleaner water for you and your family. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are providing your family with the cleanest water possible.

    The chemicals found in ordinary tap water are known to be very common. Public drinking analysis done by experts have uncovered that tap water contains over 2000 different types of toxic chemicals. This makes owning a chemical removal system very important.

    Chemicals will enter into tap water from many different types of sources. Pollution is one way that chemicals have gotten into the tap water supplies. Other ways are when chemicals are added to the water by the public water systems. The most common of these chemicals is chlorine. Chlorine is the most common of the types of chemicals currently being used to treat public water supplies. It is used to remove and to kill any bacteria which could be living in the water. This type of treatment prevents people from getting ill from drinking unsanitary water.

    Don’t resort to using bottled water for your cooking and drinking. Contact Taylor’s Plumbing instead and get started on your own in home water treatment system today.